Gogol Bordello (August 07, 2008)

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Show:8:00 PM
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There are many of us for whom music is an irreplaceable part of life We rely on it to take us out of sadness, pressures of poverty, youth, age, etc Mixed with alcohol it seems to be a remedy for just about anything Be it a rapid fire of notes exploding in catharsis all over the major key or an obsessive marathon of soul-searching sounds crawling around minor it all appears somehow more solid and present in our lives than materials something we can always address and hold on too At its best music connects us to a feeling as large as the whole goddamn universe itself...
Of course, sometimes when sober, we can say, Well, after all, its just music Yet everywhere youll go, in every culture, youll see its major royal presence Some say with a straight up claim that music is the essence of life (for example: Wlodzimier Staniewski with his theatre group Gardzienice(Musicality of Earth, or seePraktyki teatralne Wl. Staniewski Test, Lublin, 97, Poland)) I join in with them Others see it more as an inhancing luxurious amusement-like activity. Sure, Im down with that too, but one way or another, both positions advocate its primal positive powers
Often you will hear people talking about a concert theyve experienced for years! Why? In Gypsy mythology they say it is memorable because the devil visited that room, others say the other guy was there But one way or another they all link it to supernatural
Considering its power, it is not impossible to think of music making as a sacred art discipline and, for example, in anthropological tribal studies the medicine man functions are not really differentiated from musicians But lets not get too anthropological on your ass These are just elementary streamline reminders of musics rocking good and what it could do.
But instead, saturated with garbage, airways discredit this art and separate people from the power and meaning of music Rivers of meaningless puke are poured into ours ears on daily basis and many forgot to even think about music as of a major source of energy, joy and inspiration and fucking heat too!..
With our music, and music that we popularize, we try to reach out and remind people that when taken out of the hands of a parasite, music is still a great lead into a democratic atmosphere of chaos where moments of great freedom and where great friends could be found And that in the world of rapidly dissolving authentic cultures, soul-searching through the music is something that connects you with the most authentic thing there is your savage heart.

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