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The title of Steel Panther’s third full-length album, All You Can Eat, came from a dream.
However, it wasn’t a dream Martin Luther King had or even any of the band members—Michael
Starr [lead singer], Satchel [guitarist], Lexxi Foxx [bass], and Stix Zadinia [drums]—for that

“Believe it or not, the title came from a fucking girl that I was fucking,” admits Satchel. “She fell
asleep next to me on the tour bus. She woke up and told me she had a dream that we called the
album, All You Can Eat. She was really hot, and she had great tits. I decided I was going to
steal the title from her and not tell her. I kicked her off the bus. She can’t do jack shit about it.
She’s probably living in a trailer park somewhere. It’s a great title though.”
More importantly, that moniker fits this rock ‘n’ roll opus like a condom—not that Steel Panther
practice or condone safe sex though. No, All You Can Eat is raw, raucous, and righteous heavy
metal in its finest form. The Los Angeles quartet upholds the pillars of its sound. There are
badass riffs aplenty, arena-size grooves, lyrics about sex, drugs, and senior citizens, and the
lingering scent of whisky, a stripper’s perfume, and hairspray. In order to capture all of this, the
band began writing immediately after they got off the road behind their sophomore effort, Balls
Out, their second album to debut at #1 on Billboards Comedy Albums Chart.

“We’ve grown a lot,” says Michael Starr. “On the first record, you get a flavor of some Bon Jovi,
Mtley Cre, and Def Leppard. On the second, you get a flavor of Guns N’ Roses. On this
record, the main flavor is Steel Panther.”

Tasting the Panther, the boys retreated to Clearlake Studios with longtime producer Jay Ruston.
Immediately, they got into their groove and went for it balls-to-the-wall.
“I do a lot of my writing while I’m taking a shit or I’m in the shower,” Satchel goes in. “I’ll fucking
jump in the shower once a week, and it happens. I write it down. Lyrics will be written on a
chick’s back while I’m fucking her. Then, everybody does his own thing to the song—or the
chick—and the song is great. The music really writes itself. You just let the Lord speak through

It sounds as if Steel Panther is on a mission from God after one listen to the first single “Party
Like Tomorrow is the End of the World”. Boasting a hook that’s harder to shake than herpes and
ballsy guitars, it’s the ultimate party anthem. For the music video, Rob Riggle [The Goods, 21
Jump Street] offered up his directorial talents and Breaking Bad star RJ Mitte and Limp Bizkit’s
Wes Borland all made cameos.

“If you’re going to ‘Party Like Tomorrow is the End of the World’, of course, you’re going to have
fucking hot bitches everywhere,” affirms Satchel. “That was the idea for the video.”
“On every record so far, we’ve had a party song,” adds Michael Starr. “I guess it’s Steel
Panther’s version of a concept, if you will. We’re tied together by partying. You’ve got ‘Party All
Day (Fuck All Night)’, ‘Tomorrow Night’, and now this. Everything comes back to partying.”
There’s a different kind of partying going on during “Gang Bang at the Old Folks Home Though”.
Building from a slow groove into an irresistible refrain, it’s the ultimate geriatric love song.
“Michael used to deliver pizza, and I think that probably has actually happened to him,” says
Satchel. [Michael could not be reached for comment in regards to the validity of this statement.]
Satchel goes on, “I don’t think he likes to admit how much he loves to fuck old ladies—like really
old. Michael still does deliver pizzas when we’re not on the road, and he makes good money. If
you happen to wind up at a fucking old folks home and the old lady has a gun in her hand and
says, ‘You’re fucking everybody in here and then we’ll pay for the pizza,’ you’re going to do it.”
Michael is happy to discuss another single, “The Burden of Being Wonderful”, though. He says,
“It’s a life story for me. It’s finally a way for people to understand what it’s like to actually to be
me. Growing up, I was always an attractive child as well as an adult. It’s difficult when you’re
beautiful because people treat you differently. They expect you to be smart. They expect you to
have morals. It’s hard.”
Lexxi Foxx agrees, “It’s very hard to be pretty cauz regular people think that I have a dumb
brain. It's very lonely like this...”
Now, to disseminate this masterpiece, Steel Panther have teamed up with Kobalt Music. About
this partnership, Stix Zadinia states, “I am super-duper stoked on our new deal with Kobalt.
Someone told me they have like, 35,000 people that work for them, and they are going to
personally hand deliver each record sold! That’s totally rad because that kind of service doesn’t
exist anymore, unless you’re a milkman, and being a milkman is bitchin’ because you totally get
to nail all of those stay-at-home moms!! I LOVE the fact that we work with 35,000 cougar
hunters. Go Kobalt!”

With a milkman like work ethic, Steel Panther may just be the hardest working men in show
business. Their formal debut Feel the Steel also hit #1 on Billboard’s Top Comedy Albums
Chart. They’ve sold out shows worldwide from Australian to the UK’s iconic Brixton Academy,
as well as appearing on festivals such as Download and Rock on the Range. Historical
milestones include being the oldest heavy metal band to snag a major label deal and the only
band to consistently play weekly on the Sunset Strip for an unprecedented thirteen years
straight. Moreover, rock luminaries ranging from Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and KISS’s Paul
Stanley to Slipknot’s Corey Taylor, Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington, and Rage Against the
Machine’s Tom Morello have all partied with the Panther on stage. Meanwhile, this fearsome
foursome has also appeared on Dancing With the Stars, Bad Girl’s Club and a web campaign
for the big screen adaptation of Rock of Ages.

Ultimately though, they’re not stopping anytime soon. “Our drive to bring heavy metal back has
not lessened,” concludes Michael Starr. “It’s actually gotten stronger. We’re not going to stop. I
look forward to our continued world domination.”

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