Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom Menu

Eat, Drink and be Merry

Has dancing on the ceiling got you goin’ hungry? We’ve got you covered at the Set Break Café.

Sal's Pizza

- Cheese
- Pepperoni
- Special

Tater Tots

- Bacon and Cheese
- Pulled Pork 


- Popcorn
- Soft Pretzel w/cheese sauce
- Fried pickles 

Chicken Tenders

- Plain
- Buffalo 
- Hot Honey

The Dogs

All natural jumbo beef frank

- Classic
- Chili Cheese
- Ballroom: Pickled onion, pickles, spicy mustard


THE BIG BBQ:  BBQ pulled pork, pickled onions, cheese sauce, brioche bun, with chips

Nashville Chicken: Breaded chicken tenders, hot honey sauce pickles, lettuce, tomato, brioche bun


- Cheese 
- Chili 
- Pulled Pork 


- Red Velvet cupcake
- Reese's Ice Cream Bar