COVID-19 Information

On May 7th New Hampshire’s Governor announced the stay at home restrictions would move to a best practice guidance. This decision was based on New Hampshire’s tremendous vaccine distribution and the fact that everyone who chooses to get the vaccine in this state can now do so without delay. With that, we do not anticipate any mandatory restrictions, such as masks and social distancing at our shows in 2021.

We do however have a message for all the wonderful people who enjoy concerts at any concert venue – Its up to you – personal responsibility will get us through. The simplest way for us to remain open and keep from implementing mandatory restrictions is to mitigate the spread of Covid-19 in our community. The easiest way to do that is to get vaccinated. If you haven’t already, visit and schedule your shot now. If you have chosen not to get vaccinated, we recommend that you wear a mask. We have done everything in our power with regard to room upgrades, building ventilation systems, disinfection plans and point of contact reduction. This is your shot to keep the shows coming. Please be respectful of individual choices and our staff while you are at these shows and if you are feeling sick, please stay home. Do your part to help us, help you, enjoy the music for a long time to come.